Highlights: Beauty World 2016

Once upon a time, I was on the cover of Beauty World Middle East magazine (yep that’s me) when it was just a humble but still rather exciting exhibition in Dubai…15 years ago?  Since then it has grown and developed into this incredibly gi-nourmous (that’s gigantic and enormous in one word) event completely taking over the World Trade Center with international brands and celebrities flying from all parts of the world to take part. And there’s absolutely no way to see all that’s going on in one day.

This year they had a natural beauty/organic section present at the exhibition for the first time and I just had to go and visit to see who was present!

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Meditation is My Middle Name

I was introduced to meditation when I started yoga classes at the tender age of 18 (yes, just a young punk now that I look back lol). The whole process of the physical movement of yoga postures along with the moments of inward silence really resonated with me and always left me feeling refreshed and completely re-engergized.  Even at such a young age, I think a part of me knew that I had managed to stumble on a gold mine of a technique that could potentially unleash my super powers. Over the years, I have come to learn about the never ending list of physical, mental, emotional (and did I mention anti-aging?) benefits that comes a lot with that feel good burst of energy.

This initial experience with meditation was probably the trigger that led me to become the Holistic Therapist and Trainer that I am today. And for that I am ever so grateful.

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RMS Beauty: You Had Me at Hello

As a “green” beauty enthusiast and advocate, I am so excited that this brand has finally made its way to Dubai!

A revolutionary makeup line, completely toxin-free and created with all natural food grade ingredients, RMS Beauty has quickly taken the fashion industry and celebrity realm by storm through reinventing the understanding of “makeup” and what true beauty is all about. Fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret have featured this makeup brand in their campaigns and renowned celebrities such as Gisele Bunchen, Celine Dion, Demi Moore amongst others swear by this new approach to eternal beauty.

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1 Minute Whitening? : Fast Track to Pearly Whites

I swear by this all natural way to whiter teeth!  I’ve been using this remedy for years and it really works. Whenever I notice my teeth are looking yellowish, dull or feel like they have some yucky build up when I run my tongue over them, it all ways does the job…every time.

There’s lots of whitening treatments on the market but many leave your teeth very sensitive afterwards and can even be damaging to the enamel. AND they are filled with all kinds of crazy chemicals.

By now you know by now that I’m all about home remedies with natural ingredients. Yep, mother nature has all the answers!

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Beauty Secrets: Nitika Chopra, The Self Love Guru

Guess what lovelies? I had the unbelievable opportunity to interview the beautiful Nitika Chopra, the inspirational Self Love Guru based out New York City. She has created quite a buzz on spreading self love and natural beauty to women across the US and even the around the globe.  I have been following her on social media and her blog for sometime now, and I’ve always loved how she shares her personal stories so candidly and with an open heart. She truly is so charming and easy to talk to, no wonder so many women connect with her!

Read her more about Nitika below, be sure to check out her show on Z Living Network and her blog nitikachopra.com

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Too Precious to Drink: Jo Malone London’s Rare Teas

I’m all about tea.  Green, peppermint, chamomile, darjeeling… I happily drink them all. And thanks to Bvlgari I get to spritz it on myself occasionally (the red one is my favorite) so when I heard the news that Jo Malone London, bespoke British luxury fragrance brand,  was launching an exclusive never-been-done before Rare Tea collection, I was all ears… and nose :)

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Weekend of Wellness: Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

I recently escaped to the Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah for a much needed ‘weekend of wellness’ staycation.  Much gratitude to Katie Hollamby who helped me plan the perfect getaway from A to Z to make sure I maximized my time at this stunning resort, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my much needed time away.  Despite the hundreds of outstanding hotels and resorts here in the UAE, I really was very impressed with the level of service and I felt pampered like a Queen the minute I walked in. This deserves a big THANK YOU!

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Baam! Pow!: Cellulite Busting Home Remedies

Almost 90 percent of all women have cellulite (‘orange peel skin’ as it’s nicknamed) at some point in their life, and it’s a misconception that you have to be overweight to have it.  Women and even men pay thousands of dollars in treatments that claim to treat this skin condition, contributing to an ever growing   industry that brings in millions of dollars every year.  Why spend all that time and money on treatments (that can even be hazardous) when you can do it naturally at home?
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How I Shaped Up with Shrinking Violet!

I have been hearing the buzz around town and in all the beauty magazine about a miraculous all natural soy based product that has astounding results through releasing excess centimeters off the body, by the rather curious name of Shrinking Violet. Testimonials rave about how many centimeters thinner (in some case up to 20 cm) they somehow magically let go of after a few sessions of oil-lathering-plastic-wrapping. Huh? Could this really be natural and does is really work?

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