Hi there.  Welcome to my blog, your go-to wellness diary for natural and holistic living!

By profession I am an internationally recognized Holistic Therapist and Trainer who has helped, through a holistic approach, to positively transform thousands of people’s lives from all around the world.

Visit my professional website for more on what I do mariamyasin.com

Through out the years, I began my shift into a more ‘natural’ lifestyle which meant I started to incorporate this mindset into my daily life. Such as eating organic foods and nutritional supplements, using only toxin-free and preservative-free beauty and hygiene products, doing yoga and meditation, finding home remedies to my physical imbalances instead of chemically loaded pills, and so on while still managing to co-exist with hectic city life.

I found that by consciously making this shift in my habits and routines, I began to feel mentally and physically stronger, lighter and I felt the healthiest, happiest, and the most beautiful that I have ever felt in my life.

I created my blog and YouTube channel, the first of it’s kind in the region, to inspire and demonstrate to both Arabic and English speaking audiences that natural living is so easy!  Through homemade recipes, tips, advice, and DIYs, I wanted to give women the tools to take care of themselves and their families as holistically as possible. And most importantly, for them to know how beautiful they already are, from the inside out.

I am also a mother of three beautiful children from whom I am honored to learn from every day!  There are my inspiration for spreading natural living around the world as I strongly believe through my own experiences and those of my friends, peers, and even clients that nature and the human mind have all the answers to true health and happiness. I wish my children all the health and happiness in the universe!  As any mother would of course.

Besides being a full time mama, a therapist, blogger and a YouTube creator, I also contribute to a wonderful online resource for the modern mother sassymamadubai.com with many other projects in the making!

I trust that the knowledge I share with you will help you as much as it has for me. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

And as always, stay beautiful!

Mariam Yasin




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