5 ways to Stay Cool this Summer

How do you stay coooool in this incredibly hot ‘fry-eggs-on-sidewalk’ summer weather (in Dubai especially!) ? While it may seem easy to escape indoors while the temperatures are soaring but we still have our errands to run and work to tend to that leaves us going in and out of the scorching sun. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your cool this summer:

  1. Wear a hat silly! This may seem straight forward and obvious but very few people actually cover their head when they are outside in the sun.
  2. Put cold cucumber slices on your face. This cools the body down and it’s oh so refreshing…and fun!
  3. Spritz your body with rose water and peppermint essential oil (or tea) The kids love this one too.
  4. Practice Sitali Ayurvedic breathing technique to cool down the body. Breathe in through a rolled tongue for 4 counts and exhale through the nose for 6 counts for a few rounds and you will feel instantly cool as an ice pop.
  5. Make sure to wear clothes made from pure cotton. Polyesters and synthetic materials do not breath and lock in body heat.

Make sure to watch my YouTube video for all the fun tips in action :)

Mariam Yasin

Mariam Yasin

Internationally renowned Wellness Expert, Trainer and Therapist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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