Highlights: Beauty World 2016

Once upon a time, I was on the cover of Beauty World Middle East magazine (yep that’s me) when it was just a humble but still rather exciting exhibition in Dubai…15 years ago?  Since then it has grown and developed into this incredibly gi-nourmous (that’s gigantic and enormous in one word) event completely taking over the World Trade Center with international brands and celebrities flying from all parts of the world to take part. And there’s absolutely no way to see all that’s going on in one day.

This year they had a natural beauty/organic section present at the exhibition for the first time and I just had to go and visit to see who was present!











I was presently surprised to see The Camel Milk Soap Factory represented at Beauty World this year!  I am already a hug fan since I discovered the brand at Ripe Market a few years ago.  They have just launched delicious camel milk face bars and…what?  A face cream!  With almost 30 percent camel milk in the special formula and all kinds of benefits to the skin, I have a feeling this product is going to be something off the chain.  This has never been done before!  I can’t wait to get my hands on this.











All hand made in Dubai, Shirley Conlon formulates her own organic skin care products and they are absolutely lovely. I have been using her hydrating serum for weeks now and I can personally vouch that skin is thanking me for it. I can’t wait for this brand to take off internationally, she has a whole range of skin care such as serums, creams, masks, scrubs, cleansers and even these beautiful rose scented soy wax “Love” candles.












From left to right: With these two inspiring ladies Stevi Lowmass, the Founder of The Camel Milk Soap Factory and Shirley Conlon, Founder of Shirely Conlon Organics…and yours truly.












Positioning themselves more towards baby care, I have seen this brand, Original Sprout, pop over Dubai recently.  They can be used for the whole family and as you see on the package- are FREE & CLEAN of all the nasties found in most products out there. They have a whole range of hair care and body care products and the smell of the ‘Luscious Island’ line reminds me of exotic beach vacation! I still haven’t found a good natural/organic hair care line that works with my hair, so I’m really looking forward to testing these out. Has anyone used this brand for the little one or for family??











Eco tan are an stunning toxin- free, natural based self tanning and sunscreen product brand from Australia. They are starting to have quite the following here in the region and they have launched some new products recently such as 1 hour self tanner, Cacao Firming Mousse (prefect fast tanning prep to get ready for a big event- no more pasty white legs!) and even a completely natural insect repellent. I don’t know about you, but for my family this comes in handy for all those pesty mosquitoes that love to bite us in our garden outside…urrrggg. I’m also looking forward to testing out their aluminum free deodorant, which are hard to come by here.  And the scent? Oh my, like a coconut island dream.


Until next year Beauty World, inshallah I’ll be there one day with my own skincare line! :) :)

For more information visit:

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