1 Minute Whitening? : Fast Track to Pearly Whites

I swear by this all natural way to whiter teeth!  I’ve been using this remedy for years and it really works. Whenever I notice my teeth are looking yellowish, dull or feel like they have some yucky build up when I run my tongue over them, it all ways does the job…every time.

There’s lots of whitening treatments on the market but many leave your teeth very sensitive afterwards and can even be damaging to the enamel. AND they are filled with all kinds of crazy chemicals.

By now you know by now that I’m all about home remedies with natural ingredients. Yep, mother nature has all the answers!

Here’s what you’ll need for whiter teeth in one minute or less :

2 Spoons of bicarbonate of soda

A few drops of lemon juice

A toothbrush


Mix the ingredients to make a nice paste, place a generous amount on your toothbrush and make sure apply it to all the teeth and leave on for 1 minute.  Rinse with water and you will immediately enjoy a brighter, shiner, cleaner, and healthier smile :)

Note: Make sure to do this only a few times a month because this mixture can be abrasive to the enamel if over used.

Watch my Youtube video for a full demo


“Bling Bling”…yep that’s sound of my teeth sparkling.

Mariam Yasin

Mariam Yasin

Internationally renowned Wellness Expert, Trainer and Therapist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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