Beauty Secrets: Beverly Watson, VIP Dental Hygienist

Please tell us more about your background and what you do.

I have been in the Dental world for over 20 years now, 10 years as a qualified Dental Hygienist from Kings College London. The best thing about my job in coming into contact so many amazing people and being able to make a difference.

How does oral hygiene affect the rest of body and health in general?

Just as our eyes are the gateway to our soul, the mouth is the gateway to our body. We are given warning signs from our oral health to our general health.

  • If our gums are too pale you may be a little anaemic
  • If you have recurrent ulcers you may be run down or low in some vital vitamins and minerals
  • If your lips are dry and flaky you may be dehydrated

What is the biggest complaint/ issue that you deal with when people come in to see you?

Bleeding Gums. The easy solution floss or come and visit a dental hygienist. Your immune system is telling you you have too much nasty bacteria collecting on your teeth and gums. It needs to be washed away, removed and kept away.

How can we manage bad breath?

Tongue cleansing with a really good Tongue Cleanser. The best one I have found is made by GUM with a brush one side and a scraper the other.

Also flossing in an effective way will remove that bacteria that give off gasses that cause smell.

Is chewing gum good for the teeth?

Yes! As long as it is sugar free and aspartame free with xylotol. It helps increase our natural saliva production helping to create a much more neutral pH balance in our mouth. Too acidic and you can get cavities and erosion.  I just found an amazing one called PUR gluten free, vegan friendly, diabetic friendly and no GMO.

Are there any secrets to having amazing, strong, healthy white teeth for the perfect smile?

Flossing daily every tooth, not just the front ones, brushing with Activated Charcoal toothpaste from Beverly Hills Formular, having regular dental hygiene visits, watch how many colourants you have in your diet… Oh my goodness my list goes on. I have so many tips and tricks Also vitamin E oil for the lips and gums to massage onto.

Are there any natural ways to whiten the teeth and/or to promote healthy gums?

Rinsing with baking soda, DO NOT BRUSH with it. It is far too abrasive and I hear coconut oil pulling really can make a difference. Activated charcoal is another one.

Any other tips you would like to give us?

Only 3 main tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy for Life

  1. TEETH Brushing 2 x Daily for 2 mins with a good technique, sometimes electric is better (Philips Sonicare Diamond clean)
  2. FLOSS 1 x DAILY with a good Floss (Jordan Expand floss or Jordan Multi Action or TEBADONT Tea tree oil floss)
  3. TONGUE Cleansing with the best Tongue cleanser (made by GUM) or use a teaspoon facing down onto the tongue and run along from back to front of tongue a few times.

What’s your definition of beauty?

When you can see the internal compassionate light shining through a person’s personality.

Do you have any natural beauty secrets up your sleeve that you can share with us?

Drink at least 2 litres of water EVERYDAY minimum. I have started using Chia seeds in my water. I also start the day with 1/4 lemon juice diluted after teeth brushing, not before.

How does your holistic background and lifestyle impact your profession and personal life?

For every patient I clean I consciously send pure healing from my heart chakra to ensure their gums will heal really quickly with love and light. Believe it or not all I know is my patients always leave feeling really cared for and that is my ultimate aim.

What does happiness mean to you?

Wow, that’s a really hard question! Being healthy, feeling completely content and at peace.

Anything else you would like to add?

When I come into contact with any of my patients and non-patients, I keep my awareness that everyone is facing their own private struggles and to not have judgment. Sometimes I understand a dental clinic is not always people’s favourite place and they may not feel as comfortable as I do in this environment as I do. Whatever their reaction is, I do not take it personally!


PRODUCTS Mentioned:

  • FLOSS: JORDAN Expand floss or Jordan Multi Action or TEBADONT Tea tree oil
  • TOOTH BRUSH: Philips Sonicare Diamond clean
  • TOOTH PASTE: JORDAN Activated Charcoal
  • TONGUE CLEANSER: GUM Hali Control Tongue Cleanser
  • CHEWING GUM: PUR gluten free, Vegan friendly, Diabetic friendly and No GMO
  • VITAMIN E OIL: Puritans Pride


For more information on how to contact Beverly and to book an appointment:  

 Apa Aesthetic Dental and Cosmetic Centre, Al Thanya St Villa B, Umm Suqueim 2

T: 047091000  W:

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