Brain Yoga: Smarter in only 3 Minutes?

Guys and gals, this is the real deal.

Do this quick exercise for three minutes a day and with in a few weeks time you will find your memory improving, better clarity of thought, focus and balanced hormones and brain chemicals. Medical professionals are confirming that this is even helping mental disabilities and diseases such as ADHD, Autism, and even Alzheimer’s.  WOW.

This technique which has recently been termed “SuperBrain Yoga”, has been been used and practiced for thousands of years.  And once again, it took some time to for Neurologists, Scientists and Medical practitioners from around the world to catch on. But as they say, better late than never.

Here’s what you need to do: (watch the video for a full demo)

  • Stand straight with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.
  • Then take your left arm and gently hold the earlobe of your right ear with your fingers.
  • Next, take your right arm and gently grab a hold of your left ear lobe.
  • Keep this posture, then you slowly squat downwards taking inhalation through your nose. Then hold for a second, then slowly return to standing position with exhalation from your mouth.
  • Do this simple exercise 3 minutes a day (roughly 50-60 times) and even immediately afterwards you may notice how clear and energetic your brain feel!


It’s a bird…it’s a plane… no, it’s my SuperBrain :)  


Mariam Yasin

Mariam Yasin

Internationally renowned Wellness Expert, Trainer and Therapist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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