Beauty Secrets: Interview with Stephanie Pech, Nutritionist

Where are you from and how long have you been in Dubai?
I grew up on my family’s farm in a  small town near Berlin, Germany. I have been in Dubai for the past 11 years and I am still enjoying being here.

Tell us more about your career and what services you offer.

I am a certified Nutrition & Metabolic Balance Coach. I offer health & nutrition consultations, Hormone & Blood work/ testing, cooking classes, talks and seminars, corporate wellness programs. I also create recipe and design menus for restaurants and cafes.

How did you get into nutrition? Was food always important for you growing up or was it something you developed later in life?
Food always played a big role in my life but perhaps not the best role. I used to be quite overweight until my early twenties. My family are farmers that eat the typical heavy German diet. Luckily none of them has any weight issues due to constant hard work outside. At home I never learned much about food, how and what I should be eating in order to balance my weight and be and feel healthy. At my heaviest I was 25kg+ overweight and for a short person like me that’s quite a lot.
When I moved to Dubai I gained even more weight due to a non active lifestyle.

Was does natural beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is part of everyday life. Its about character, curiosity, imagination and humor. Its about finding beauty in difficult situations, in every days life. Appreciating simple life pleasures, spending time with people I hold dear to my heart.

How is nutrition and beauty intertwined? If at all…
Nourishing our bodies from the inside will always show on the outside, therefore the most important thing you can do to look good is to eat good. Supporting your health on a cellular level by eating good quality whole foods. We all heard it so many times ‘You are what you eat’ but it is true. Eat Well. Do Well. Be Well. Look Well. It really is that simple.
Think about it this way, the better you eat the more nutrients your  body can absorb and utilize to make your skin glow and look radiant. Zinc, B vitamins, selenium, protein, healthy fats, magnesium, vitamin E, A, C are just some of the few nutrients our skin needs to look fresh, healthy and give you that natural healthy glow. I do not believe in diets or calorie counting either. I believe if you eat a wide range of whole foods you don’t need to follow a diet and count calories in order to lose weight, if that is your goal.

What do you think is the most beautiful part of yourself?
My answer probably sounds cheesy but its my love for animals and mother nature.

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What is the most important advice you give to women regarding nutrition, health and or general wellbeing?

Put yourself first. Treat your health and fitness regime like you would treat your work. At work you surely have to deal with things you don’t like but it is your job to do them anyway. When you feel like you aren’t in the mood to exercise or eat healthily just get it done just like you would get things done at work. Start off with setting short term goals. I always suggest to make them non-look related. So instead of saying you need to lose kg’s, set a goal to get better, stronger or faster at a certain sport you enjoy playing. Also what helped me in the beginning was a trainings buddy or exercise group. That way you know someone is waiting for you when you aren’t in the mood. Find something that gets you going and motivates you.
With regards to nutrition I also believe in setting goals. I suggest to start off with removing all sugar from your daily eating habits. That alone will make a big impact on your overall health and most definitely on your weight,-fat loss goals.  Besides eating healthy I think its very important to be prepared and have your meals ready to eat when you get hungry. Otherwise if you don’t have food at home or with you at work chances that you might end up ordering or eating the not so healthy options are huge. Start with small overall improvements and take it from there. For example I don’t ever limit myself or tell myself I cant have a certain food because I am on a diet. I rather say I choose not to have it. Its simple really the word choose puts you in control of yourself while the word can’t means you are limiting yourself and options. Which most likely will make you want that naughty food even more.

What are your top three beauty secrets?

1. Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil. Haha! Yes I love coconut oil. Its my magic food that I use for everything, skin, hair and I use it a lot for cooking.
2. Coconut Oil that I apply on my skin every night before I am going to bed.
3. Dr Hauschka skincare products. I love their skincare range and my favorite product is the Night Serum. It renews the cells over night, allows your skin to breeze and leaves the pores open. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels fresh, hydrated, healthy and supple.

What foods can we eat for better skin, hair, nails, better mood etc ?

On my list are lots of raw plant based  foods. Organic green veggies, coconut oil, raw unsalted nuts, organic berries, avocados and foods like ginger, garlic, lots of leafy greens and fresh herbs.
And I also love the product range of LifeFood. They have amazing raw unprocessed food powders such as raw cacao, baobab, lucuma, spirulina etc that I often add to my smoothies and other dishes. Their raw chocolates and raw bars taste heavenly and also have plenty of nutrients that you most definitely wont find in most other foods.

Here’s one of my favorite smoothie recipes for you!

Chocolate Lover Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1 large handful fresh baby spinach

2 cups cold unsweetened almond milk

1 tsp raw unsweetened cacao powder
1 scoop plant based chocolate protein powder (I highly recommend Vega One)

1 tsp Baobab

Pinch of cinnamon

ice = Blend in a high speed blender


For more information or to book an appointment:
Instagram @Stephanie.pech

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