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This brand has just made it to the top of my list as my all time favorite skincare line! For those of you who have yet to hear about it, Eminence is a completely organic, biodynamic skin care range that is free of any of those yucky toxins.  A lister celebrities, such as Jessica Biel, Katherine Heigl, and even Madonna, have already fell in love with these all natural products.

Each product smells absolutely delicious, I really have do my best not to eat it while I’m applying on my face! (Pumpkin pie anyone?  That’s what the yam and pumpkin enzyme peel smells like!) All the ingredients are completely organic, hand picked and very high quality, and what’s more Eminence is a part of the Forest of the Future campaign… for every product purchased, they plant a tree your behalf.  Now that’s a company with a conscience, helping out the planet.

I was very impressed with the range of products available and the skin conditions and concerns that can be addressed, all at very affordable prices– and in the most natural way of course. From acne, to uneven skin tone, to mature skin to dark spots, they’ve go you covered and these products will sort your skin out in no time.

Since I’ve had my third baby, I have been experiencing uneven skin tone, break outs along my jaw line and general dullness due to the many sleepless nights.  I have been using the Citrus and Kale Potent C+E serum for at least a month now and I am amazed at how fast this product as worked for me.  Just as the name mentions, it is indeed very potent and it smells like freshly squeezed juice. Yum!

It’s packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and plenty of antioxidants to plump up your skin and boost collagen production. As soon as rub it on my face and neck I can feel all the nutrients seeping into the deepest layers of my skin. Although the break outs still come and go, my skin has come back to its radiant self and the tone has definitely evened out. The only negative about the serum is that it’s quite a thin liquid, as opposed to a thick serum,  so application can be quite messy and I tend to spill it as I’m applying it on my face.

Tired skin is immediately replenished and brought back to life with this beautiful serum! Woooow.   I highly recommend it.

I’m really looking forward to incorporating more of their products into my skincare routine.

Other marvelous products on their best seller list:












Bamboo Firming Liquid AED280, to tighten and plump up the skin











Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser AED189, to calm and to banish break out/acne prone skin











Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, for gentle exfoliation to renew skin


Where to buy:

Dubai – JAM Beauty Lounge


Abu Dhabi – Talise Spa 


For more information visit:


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