Homemade Baby Formula: An Easy How to

I have finally posted this recipe after many requests from many of my mommy friends!  This is my homemade baby formula recipe that I developed based on many visits with pediatricians, naturopathic doctors, other experts on the topic…and plenty of research from my side.  Naturally, I wanted to make sure that my baby would have everything she needs in terms of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins etc before I officially made the switch over.

I am very thankful that I managed to breastfeed all three of my children. With my third baby girl, I was able to breastfeed for 6.5 months before I switched over to formula.  After lots of research on the contents and low quality ingredients available in most commercial formula (all of which are cow’s milk based that most babies cannot digest well) on the market (even the organic varieties), I decided that I could do it myself and it would be much better for my baby.  I was also very fortunate that good friend of mine had already started with homemade formula, so she also fully supported my decision to make the switch over. Thank you Dina!

My daughter is now almost a year and half old and she thoroughly enjoyed the homemade formula that I made for her.  She drank it for nearly one year and now I have introduced her to camel milk twice a day like my other two children.  She is healthy and very happy, hamdullah.

Here is my recipe for homemade baby formula. Please make sure to check with your baby’s healthcare practitioner before you go ahead with introducing this to your baby.  As always, if you can continue with breastfeeding that is always the best way to go:


4 Cups Homemade Rice Milk, recipe below (you can use almond milk but be careful of nut allergies)

1 Tbsp Black Strap Molasses

1/2 Tsp Cod Liver Oil

2 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil (or Flax Oil)

2-4 Tsp Brown Rice Protein Powder

1 Tbsp Infant MultiVitamin ( We used Biocare Children Complete Complex)

1 Drop Vitamin D drops

1/2 Tsp Infant Probiotic Powder ( We used Biocare Baby Infantis Powder)

2-3 Drops Vitamin K drops


Blend all the ingredients together in a powerful blender and store in the fridge. Depending on how much milk you need for your baby this can last you 1.5 to 2 days.

Tip:  We had plenty of bottles so we would go ahead and have them ready in the fridge with the appropriate quantities of milk. Then all we had to do is take out the bottle and heat in the bottle warmer when needed.

Recipe for homemade rice milk:

Gently simmer 1 cup of washed brown rice in 8 cups of water (this can take up to 4 hours). Blend cooked rice with 8 cups water then strain out brown bits from the rice.  This will yield two batches for your homemade baby formula.

Where to buy

I bought the coconut oil, black strap molasses, multi vitamins, vitamin d drops, infant probiotic powder all from Organic Foods and Cafe

For the Cod liver oil, Brown Rice Protein Powder, and Vitamin K drops- I purchased them online from iherb.ae


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