Beauty Secrets: Interview with Giovanna Miletti, Founder Il Gufo

I’m excited to share with you that this post marks the beginning of my new series, “Beauty Secrets”.  Interviews with strong, successful women, mothers (and maybe even men every now and then) who inspire us through their achievements, their courage to be different and of course..their impeccable radiance. Here’s our chance to find out about their natural beauty secrets and get practical advice from amazing people on what inner beauty is all about.

I had the opportunity to meet Giovanna Miletti, the founder of the lovely Italian children’s fashion brand Il Gufo, during their sneek peak preview of their nature inspired Spring-Summer 2016 collection here in Dubai. Bursting with bright colors and comfortable designs, I was impressed with the attention to detail while maintaining superb quality along with a practical side with kids in mind.









Mrs. Miletti started out sewing bibs for her own children over thirty years ago in her own home. Always ready to learn and find a way forward, Il Gufo now has over 500 points of sale around the world, with one of their flagship stores based in here in the United Arab Emirates, at the Dubai Mall. She managed to grow and build her business over the years while still being a mother to her children who now work alongside her to run the brand.









What is your inspiration behind your collections?

For each collection there are different sources for inspiration.  For this Spring-Summer 2016 collection I was inspired by nature and natural fabrics. I wanted to celebrate nature by capturing the “floating” sensation, such as floating in the air or in the water..just like a seed being blown by the wind. The hero fabric of the season is linen, light and feather-like featured in lots of bright, cheerful colors that remind me of summer.

What are your secrets to staying young and full of energy?

I love to cook and I make sure to use lots of fresh vegetables.  Pasta is may favorite of course!  (One of her brand representatives told me she has a kitchen at the headquarters and likes to cook for everyone when she has some free time. How awesome is that??)

What advice can you offer to women who want to maintain their career and also be a great mother to their children?

I was always very passionate about what I was doing and this is what drove me to build and develop my brand from a small idea that started in my home to the growing enterprise it is today.  Until now I am always ready learn and curious to know more about everything in life.  I believe if you are passionate and happy about what you are doing, it is easy to find a balance.

Lovely meeting you Mrs. Miletti! Arrivederci, alla prossima volta…

Il Gufo Flagship Store Dubai Mall +971 4 330 8418




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