The Natural Face Lift: Face Yoga

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Face Yoga workshop at Jeanique Yoga and Pilates studio based in JLT.  I have been hearing about this natural beauty technique for a few years now and I heard that with regular practice the effects on your face–lifting, firming, radiating–are outstanding.  As an avid yoga fan myself, face yoga seemed like sensible progression in my natural beauty routine. The before and after photos you find on the internet are quite inspiring as well. Is it possible to have a natural face lift without knives, needles or expensive creams?

The main idea behind face yoga is that if we stimulate and tone the muscles in our face (just as we do our bodies) then as a result there is an automatic lifting and toning effect that takes place.  Along with better circulation in the facial muscles and skin which boosts collagen production (this is what gives us our plump skin and youthful appearance) and gives you that radiating glow. In a nut shell, face yoga is a gentle but effective workout for the face!

There are plenty of different face postures out there, but I want to share with you a few of the ones I really enjoy and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

All you need is a mirror and some moisturizer if your face is dry. You might laugh at yourself while doing these but that’s part of the fun!









The Marilyn

This one tones up the muscles around your lips and cheeks- the areas that usually show the first signs of aging.  It also helps to make the face look slimmer.

Pucker up your lips as if you are going to kiss, with the mouth open slightly. Press your lips with the palm of your hand and blow a kiss.  Repeat 20 times.









The Fish Face

This one is fun to do with the kids!  Lots of giggles guaranteed.

A great one for toning up the upper cheek muscles, suck in your cheeks and hold them between your lips to form a fish face.  Then smile slightly with your upper cheeks.  Hold for a few minutes and repeat.









The Lemon Face

Although it may not look like it, this pose will help to relax your facial muscles and help to relieve tension from your face.  A perfect one to do after staring at a computer all day!

Scrunch up your face as if you just ate something really sour, pulling all your muscles towards the middle of your face. Then relax and stick your tongue out with your mouth wide open. Repeat a few times as needed.









X Ray Vision

This one helps to build up the muscles around the eye to prevent and fade away wrinkles while addressing any sagging in the area.

Place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes with your middle fingers on the inner corners.  With a relaxed face, look up with your eyes then squint so that your lower lids are reaching up to your upper lids.  Repeat 15 times.


One thing is for sure, you will find a new awareness of your facial muscles after doing these exercises.  Within a few days or weeks will begin to notice positive changes in your face (you can document this by taking photos of your face along the way). For me, I noticed firmer radiant skin almost immediately. Face yoga… where have you been all my life???

Thank you to Dana and team at Jeanique Yoga and Pilates! For more information on this workshop and more on their offerings please visit their website:


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