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I am so thrilled that this all natural Thai beauty brand has made it to Dubai!   My husband bought me a whole variety of the soaps and hair care products last year when they were visiting at the Beauty Expo and I immediately fell in love. Asian beauty brands have some incredibly effective recipes combing ancient remedies spices, herbs, flowers and natural oils with modern day formulas that the west hasn’t really perfected yet.

All natural and chemical free, this affordable luxury line offers everything from skin care, hair care, sun protection, body care and even a men’s range. Gold Bar Bangkok is a family run business and they are completely hands on in every possible way… which adds that much needed personal touch that is missing these days in the bigger names out there.



Already renowned for the concentrated soap bar formulas that address a range of concerns from acne, whitening, anti-aging, to hair loss (as a soap bar shampoo), I was particularly impressed with their award winning gold infused line range of skin care products.  All the gold based products I’ve seen on the market are literally hundreds of dollars plus they are usually preserved with chemicals and toxic substances that I stay away from.

It is possible to have finally found high quality, luxurious, totally natural, gold infused range that is only a fraction of the price?

Yep! We’ve got a winner here. Ding ding ding ding..

Gold has been an ancient beauty secret for centuries in Egypt (Cleopatra was famous for her gold masks apparently), Rome and even Japan.  Here are some of the benefits that gold have on the skin along with the outstanding essentials of the Gold Bar Bangkok gold infused skin care line:


✓ Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and spots
✓ Stimulates the skin cells to generate Collagen
✓ Slows down Collagen depletion
✓ Prevents premature aging of the skin
✓ Brightens the skin tone
✓ Treats skin damage from sun exposure
✓ Treats allergies
✓ Treats inflammation
✓ Improves skin elasticity
✓ Gives the skin a golden glow









Gold Collagen + Bar

As all of their soap bars are concentrated formulas, this softly scented gold bar will easily last you 2-3 months if not longer!  I was surprised at how easily this formula removes makeup while leaving your skin soft and conditioned (not tight and dry like some other soap bars can do).  I noticed after using this cleanser for a few days my skin did start to have a subtle glow and it even helped to clear up some of my blemishes that were lingering around.  Priced at only AED 45, this is must for every woman looking to add a high quality anti-aging product to her beauty routine!










Refirming Gold Caviar Collagen Sleeping Face Mask

A really long name for such a small jar, but this one deserves its title.  A very special formulated mask that leaves no mess so you can actually sleep with this on for the best results!  Filled with vitamins, caviar complex, micro elements, amino acids and gold of course this mask instantly tightens and lifts the skin…and it comes off all in one piece ( I always find that the fun part lol). Perfect for an extra boost before a big event or special day.










Gold Collagen Serum

Good serums are always the true secret to great skin as they easily absorb into the deepest layers to keep the skin healthy from the inside out… and this one is no exception.  Liquid gold enriched with vitamin E helps to slow down collagen depletion and boosts the skin’s elasticity while the ions in this serum stimulate skin renewal and cell production. Liquid gold?  Need I say more.

Great gift idea!  They have plenty of beautifully packaged gift sets in all their various ranges, all at an affordable price.

Now available at Gold Bar Bangkok in Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Rd.

Contact +971 050 873 3111


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