Fun Ways to Exercise with the Kids

Anyone who has small children knows that they have plenty of energy… all the time! From the moment they open their eyes in the morning until that patiently awaited bed time, they can run around like energizer bunnies screaming, crying, laughing, fighting, and jumping from places you never knew existed. I figured out early on that if I wanted to maintain my sanity as a mother of three very small kids, I needed to find creative ways to keep them engaged and entertained to burn their seemingly never-ending energy supply!

As a very energetic person myself, I like to spend quality time with my children doing active and engaging activities.  That way we have fun together and workout our bodies at the same time.  Even though each of my children are at slightly different stages in development, I managed to find a few activities that we can do all together in which the three of them can enjoy and gladly participate in the excitement.

Here are some of the simple activities we do at home that my kids absolutely love (and I manage to burn extra calories at the same time, yay!):

  • Playing “Tiger”

This involves me being a “tiger” running after my children to see who I can catch first. Sometimes we can switch it up and one of the kids will be the tiger, but most of the time I end up being the one (with the scary tiger growls and all!) endlessly running around in circles to see who I can catch next.  This session could easy last a half hour or longer, so by the time I mange to wear them out a little bit  we are all ready to sit down and catch our breaths. Rrrrooooooaarrrrrr….

  • Dancing

This is a great activity and all kids are naturally great dancers.  We choose different music to play each session while we get our groove on.  This stimulates the brain, develops better mind-body coordination and exposes them to a variety a different music at a very early age.  We like to create new moves and see who can copy it, along with lots of giggles and silly moments. Dancing is always a great workout and you may discover muscles you never knew existed the next day!

  • Yoga

As an avid fan of yoga, my children are always mesmerized whenever they see me practicing my poses.  From simple breathing techniques, stretches and even postures, they enjoy understanding their bodies in new ways.  They are incredibly flexible so this the perfect way to build a great foundation for strong minds and healthy bodies. Yoga is an awesome way to tone up, fast.

  • Swimming

Thank God for water!  All my children love to be in the water (they’ve had swimming lessons since they were 4 months old) and they can easily stay for hours, until they get all wrinkly like raisins.  They are still at an age in which me or my husband have to be in the water with them, so this means we get to participate in the endless splashing- jumping-under the water- on top of the float- fun.  We all come out absolutely famished and we all sleep like babies that night. Phew…

Eid Al Adha Mubarak to you and your families! Family time is always a blessing from above.




Mariam Yasin

Mariam Yasin

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