The Lowdown on Cryotherapy: Freeze me Please

When I heard about this latest treatment in health and beauty,  literally freezing yourself to below zero temperatures for 3 minutes at a time, I thought to myself, “who’s crazy enough to do that??”  Well, I guess I am.

Not a fan of the cold by any means (I avoid cold weather like the plague), I was very to curious to know what all the buzz was about. What could be so great about having “a freeze” so that celebrities and pro athletes (Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant…to name a few) around the world have this human ice pop machine in their homes!?  Even the world-renowned Anthony Robbins swears by it.  There’s got to be something amazing going on for the body…

Besides the rush of endorphins and serotonin that buzz through you after shocking your body with the extreme temperatures, it is also helps with pain relief and joint and muscle inflammation.  Are you gym buff or a professional athlete? Have a “freeze” before and after your workout to see huge improvements in your performance.  It also helps with improving the quality of your skin, even with cellulite while assisting you sleep better at night. AND you burn around 800 calories per session.

Wow. I’ve got to test this out.

CryoClinicMy first appointment to begin my series of full body (and facial) cyrotherapy at the Cryo Health Spa in Emirates Towers, was an interesting one.  After being escorted to the changing rooms to strip down to nothing but my undies (I am going to be in -140 degrees like this??? OMG), with a robe on, mittens, and feet all snug in socks and booties, I was taken to the cryo chamber room.  My medical background was noted, my life signed away on waivers, and my blood pressure and weight checked out.  Then it was time to step into this gigantic metal tube that was quite intimidating and I felt like I was in some kind of Frankenstein scene of the future. lol!

I was instructed not to touch anything and not to inhale the nitrogen smoke bubbling out around my face and, off we go.  I have to be honest, those three minutes in way below zero degrees almost bare naked were the longest three minutes of life…ever.  It was freeeeeezing!  My whole body immediately transformed into one big goose bump and I was having difficulty focusing on anything except surviving this experience.  The specialist that was assisting me was kind enough to keep me blabbering about random subjects but I don’t really remember the conversation at all.  My legs began to go numb as all the blood was rushing to my core to literally keep me alive.  Finally the timer beeped, and I was taken out in one piece thankfully (no frozen toes or limbs left behind).

CryofacialblogHappy that it was over, it took me 15 minutes or so to warm up and feel like myself again.  I was whisked away to the facial room where I was considerately wrapped in plenty of towels then that same -140 degree ice-cold temperatures was now blown gently across my face and neck (much easier to handle might I add) to tighten the pores, rejuvenate the skin, and even offers anti-aging effects over time.

In only 20 minutes from start to finish, I was done and walking back to my car! Whew.

I noticed later in the day that I did have a significant boost in my energy levels, my mind more clear and strangely enough I was craving that ‘natural high’ that I experienced during and immediately after the treatment. It then dawned on me that this could be why people keep going back for more. Because you felt so darn good afterwards! You feel so alive…

Five sessions later, each of my treatments at the spa were much easier to handle.  I definitely feel the skin on my face and body has tightened up and feels baby soft.  As I often have tension in my neck and shoulders due to sleepless night (crying babies) or carrying my kids (or big handbags) around , I do believe my “freezes” offered me some relief from constant tightness that always seems to be there.  It’s definitely addictive and leaves you craving for more.

10 sessions are recommended to have the full effects of cryotherapy.

For more information contact the Cryo Health team offering freeze machines (cryotherapy) through out Dubai.

Stay young?….Freeze me please.












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