5 Life Transformations: After Mommyhood

It’s incredible how my life has shifted before I had my children…and after.  There are definitely plenty of adjustment periods that were not as easy to transition into  along with the beautiful growth and evolution that comes out of any big changes in one’s life.  Being quite an individual who enjoyed spending plenty time alone and doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, having three children in short amount time definitely put a stop to that. Even though the quiet moments to myself are few and far between these days, strangely enough if I do manage to escape for a little while I find that I quickly miss the noise of cheerful chaos and pitter patter of little feet.

I could already write a book about all the lessons, learnings, the momentous self realizations and the out right craziness of mommyhood (and that’s only four years of it! ) but for now I will share with 5 major things that changed in my life after I became a mommy:

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  • 1. My Body

This may come as an obvious one, but I don’t think it’s discussed enough!  During pregnancy (and keep in mind I did this three times…in a row), although creating a human being one of the most precious and blessed experiences a woman can have, it can be intensely mentally and physically stressful at the same time.  Just when you come to think you know your body, expecting a little one will take you on a wild roller coaster ride of weight gain, skin stretching, sensitivities, milk production (my boobs can do that??!), belly expansion beyond your imagination, swelling, and waddling like a duck whenever you walk, and the grand finale of 9 months of going through intense physical change…out pops a baby.  Then the body changes are not over yet….

  • 2. My Freedom

Although there can be many levels to this subject, to keep it simple once you have a baby your freedom to do what you want, when you want (even sleep!) flies straight out the window. That was a tough one for me to deal with at first because my freedom to travel, work, eat, sleep, even take a shower when I decide was something that I valued very much.  It’s not that I am not “free” anymore, but it’s more like I have to schedule in even the simplest of things (manicure maybe?) a week in advance to fit in between the drop offs, the pick up, the playdates, the activities, the birthday parties, etc and even then there’s a great probably something comes up and it doesn’t even happen.  Going with the flow has a new meaning to me now!

  • 3. My Health

As soon as I became pregnant with my first baby, I went from a health nut to a super health nut.  I analyzed and scrutinized every little thing that went into my body (more organic food, vitamins, no caffeine) and even on my body ( soap, lotions, shampoos, etc).  I made sure to keep my body physically fit and maintain mental balance through yoga and pilates. This is when I started to make the transition into a chemical free, toxin free, as natural as possible environment to give my baby the best that I could possibly offer her. I have learned so much since then and it kick started my search for natural remedies and a medicine free life (only if absolutely necessary).

  • 4. My Patience and Priorities

Oh wow, this is a good one.  I have new definition of patience once I became a mother, and now four years later I believe it’s still evolving.  When you have three kids jumping around the living room screaming to the top of their lungs for hours on end or even the simplest of requests that you keep repeating tirelessly and still no one listens (or they pretend that cannot hear you), or…. it can go on and on.  Also your priorities shift and suddenly a relatively self centered, carefree young lady can happily evolve into a caretaker and fulltime round the clock manager to make sure her children are healthy, happy, comfortable and have the best that life has to offer.

  • 5. My Appreciation of Motherhood

I think that most of us new mothers go through this light bulb moment after many sleepless nights, non stop diaper changes, breastfeeding day in and day out, with stinky spit and milk all over your clothes when we ask ourselves this rhetorical question, “My mother did all this for me?  Really?? How did she do it?…sigh” A new appreciation of what it takes to be a good mother: the time, effort and dedication comes into the picture. It’s definitely a huge commitment but all those yummy kisses, cuddly hugs and heartfelt giggles make it all worth the while.  When you feel you are about to breakdown from exhaustion and frustration, a smile from one of you little ones can make it all fade away and that strong will to forget and move forward kicks in.

Now that I am a mother, every day is mother’s day!  Keep going all you mamas, you are what make the world go around…you rock!


Mariam Yasin

Mariam Yasin

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