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Even though Dubai has made it’s mark as one of the world’s leading cities (deservingly so), the availability of natural or organic beauty and skincare brands here in this dazzling city is still in its infancy. Already a huge trend in the US, UK and even Australia, I know plenty of us just order online directly from the brands themselves- with a click of the button all these yummy exciting new products can all be delivered to our door…along with a hefty delivery fee.

But which organic, natural brands are readily available here in Dubai? Is there a demand for such products here in a city so focused on big designer names?

This began my search for natural, organic brands that focus on skincare or even makeup in this special city I call home… and I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised!

One brand that really stood out so far with its offering is The Organic Pharmacy, a UK brand founded in 2002 by pharmacist Margo Marrone who used her homeopathy knowledge as an inspiration to create a chemical free “shopping haven”- and she did exactly that. Here in their Dubai flagship store they offer skincare, body care, mother and baby care, hair care, beauty supplements, make up and even a full on spa for facials, massages and even organic ‘mani and pedis’.

What’s even better is that they offer a complimentary skin analysis for anyone who interested- all you need to do is book in advance!


Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

This is one of their all star facials out of many that they offer.  Although I’ve experienced hundreds of facial in my time (yes, I’m big on facials) I was blown away at the sensory heaven I experienced through all the incredibly scented products and textures. The lymphatic massage with rose quartz crystals for lifting and removing all the toxin build up in the face and neck area was a definite highlight and something I’ve never experienced before! Wow.

In that one hour of pure bliss, Mercy my specialized therapist, used an impressive 10 plus products on my face and neck.  All amazing in their own right, there are few in particular that stood out in their wow factor- how incredibly delish they smell, their unique texture and their beautifying effectiveness.


Carrot Butter Cleanser

This cleanser is considered to be a balm and it literally melts on your face! ‘Butter’ is the perfect name for this jewel of a product and you need to use a muslin cloth to wipe it off.  Even if you have layers of make up, it will easily clean it right off- leaving your skin dewy like you’ve just come out of a full on facial. The aromatherapy experience is totally what takes it to the next level.  Rosemary, chamomile, lavender, oh my– it’s out of this world!

It’s easy to understand why all the big celebrities rant and rav about this one- this is a must buy product. You will thank me.

Flower Petal Deep Cleanser and Mask

This is a flower party on your face!  With Lavender, Rose, Chamomile and even milk and clay, this rich exfoliant gently scrubs your skin while leaving it brightened and beautifully renewed. I am very impressed with the mix of ingredients, everything feels and smells so fresh as if it just came from the backyard garden.


Depending on your skin type, their expert skin therapists can assist you in selecting the best serum for you. The Antioxidant serum and gel are great ones to nourish your skin with the best that nature has to offer. Any sagging areas that need a lift?  The Collagen serum is one of their best sellers.

This is a brand that offers high quality, luxury, organic products that deliver genuine results! Chemical free, organic, all natural and they really work..what more could you ask for?

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Mariam Yasin

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