Color Therapy Tips to Lift your Mood in Minutes

Once I discovered the therapeutic effect of colors, I removed all black clothing from my closet ever since. ( Art class refresher, black is the absence of color) If you open my wardrobe, it’s filled with beautiful colors of the rainbow and every shade in between.  It’s so cheerful and fun!  When I wake up in the morning, I intuitively chose what I am going to wear based on what color I feel I need for the day.

Feeling lazy and a little sluggish?  Wear some red or orange and that will get you going in no time.  Stressed out or frazzled? Some blues or purples will do the trick!

I choose to incorporate color therapy with my clothes because I feel it’s something easy that I can do since I already wear clothes everyday anyway!  There is also light therapy available in spas and medical clinics use for facials and treating physical ailments.  Also another interesting way to incorporate it into your daily life is to have colored drinking glasses; the water will naturally tune into that color frequency of the glass and heal your body from the inside out!


There is also a wonderful brand of beauty products that combines color therapy with aromatherapy called Altearah.  They have many colors to choose from and it works like a charm.  I actually use them as my perfume in the morning since they are completely natural. They make some incredible body oils as well.

Here is a quick reference for the 7 main colors, along with white and pink:


Abundance, Support, Security, Safety, Passion, Power, Energizing, Heals Lower Body and Back Disorders


Creativity, Pleasure, Enthusiasm, Zest for Life, Happiness, Fertility, Heals Sexual System


Joy, Confidence, Freedom, Cheerful (relieves depression), Flexibility, Eases Fears and Anxieties, Heals Digestive Disorders


Fresh, Nature, Alive, Nurture, Love, Connectedness, Balance, Inner Peace, Heals the Heart and Circulatory System


Communication, Self-Expression, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, Truth, Trust, Cool, Soothing, Flowing, Heals Throat and Speech Conditions.


Intuition, Vision, Focus, Insight, Manifestation, Success, Direction, Balance of Physical and Spiritual Self, Heals Head Conditions


Devotion, Calm, Collected, Peace, Inner Knowing, Wisdom, Relaxation, Luxury, Enhances Spiritual Experiences


Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Femininity, Tenderness, Friendship, Relieves Sadness and Emotional Pain


Purity, Innocence, Faith, Harmony, Oneness, Rebirth, Rejuvenation, Heals Any Condition

*Tip: If you find that you have an aversion to a specific color (i.e. you cannot stand the sight of it!) then it means that you have some difficulties in those areas of your life (associated with the color qualities).  Wear the color anyway and with time you will find improvement in those areas of your life and you will eventually have a neutral disposition towards that color!  It amazing, I had the same thing with Yellow for most of my life (lack of joy and confidence) and now I love to wear it!

Mariam Yasin

Mariam Yasin

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