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Welcome to my blog, Inner Beauty Buzz! As a professional in the Wellness industry for over 7 years now , I wanted to have an all-in-one credible resource that I could go to have easy yet FUN to follow wellbeing tips and reviews related to the mind, body, nutrition, beauty or even fashion– and I still haven’t found one that combines it all!  With that in mind, I took the initiative to create a blog to to help me document all this incredible knowledge that I have learned over the years (and still learning) and to share with extraordinary people like you so that you too, can discover your true inner beauty that lies within. A wellness  blog that is fun, engaging and what you discover here can be easily integrated into anyone’s lifestyle.

I’m really excited about this new adventure. I am looking forward to interacting with you and reading your feedback and comments.  If there is anything specific you want to read in my blog just give me a buzz!

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