Let Go of the Old: Bring in the NEW you!


Do you want to relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings of nature in one of the highest vibrational spots in the world? Are you mentally stressed out, physically drained, ‘burnt out’ and not sure how to let go of it all? Want to connect with like minded people and still have the ‘me’ time that you so long for?

I’m sooo excited to announce my next Holistic Retreat dates OCT 21-26, 2017 in Ubud, Bali! This is magical 5 day, 5 night retreat is a specially curated program that I have developed to DETOX both the mind and the body, heal, rejuvenate, let go of the old and bring in the NEW you- featuring daily yoga and meditation, blissful massages, delicious vegetarian meals, beautiful accommodation and views of the rice fields, Balinese purification ceremony excursion, sacred mala making and much more…now accepting reservations!

Click to check out the details HERE!

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My Beauty Routine with Holland & Barrett

I am big advocate of using natural, toxin-free (and even organic when possible) beauty care products for me and family. With more studies coming out every day on the shockingly harmful effects of the chemicals, preservatives, lab fabricated fragrances and cheaper ‘natural’ alternatives have on the functioning of organs of our body , I am more adamant than ever that those chemically loaded products from the brands that we all have grown up with and come to love (Johnson&Johnsons, Dove, Aveda and yes even Chanel )… no longer have a place in my home!

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~Hydrate Your Body~ InnerBeautyBuzz x Herbal Essentials! Part 2

And here’s more from one of my favorite award winning Dubai based (but formulated in Germany) skin care and body care brands, Herbal Essentials!

Did you know that all of their products are made with Himalayan spring water and pure essential oils?

Also it’s free of the major nasties ( that are quite harmful to the body) that most branded products out on the shelves contain… and it’s certified cruelty free.

Herbal Essentials have a special offer this Eid with 20% of their products and complimentary delivery within the GCC! Just use code EID2016HE and also receive a surprise product with order. Don’t you just love surprises?  I know I do :)

~Hydrate Your Body~ InnerBeautyBuzz x Herbal Essentials!


You want to know one of my best kept beauty secrets? Sunblock. Yep, everyday!

While it’s great to get some vitamin D, too much sun quickly dries out the skin and can help accelerate the aging process. Wrinkles? Umm, no thanks.

Herbal Essentials is an award winning UAE based beauty brand that uses ancient beauty wisdom and natural ingredients (including Himalayan spring water!) to provide beautiful healthy skin and overall wellbeing.  They have two wonderful SPF options, one oil and another made from a light lotion base, plus plenty of ‘must have’ beauty treasures in their skincare range.

Herbal Essentials is available in leading pharmacies and online at http://herbal-essentials.com

Stay tuned for more! xx

5 ways to Stay Cool this Summer

How do you stay coooool in this incredibly hot ‘fry-eggs-on-sidewalk’ summer weather (in Dubai especially!) ? While it may seem easy to escape indoors while the temperatures are soaring but we still have our errands to run and work to tend to that leaves us going in and out of the scorching sun. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your cool this summer:

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Holiday Mode: My Travel Essentials

It’s that time! Summer has arrived with a bang and we are all anxiously packing our bags to go visit loved ones, explore an exciting new destination or just simply chill out in a home away from home. I was definitely one of those ‘over packers’ once upon a time, like a total diva I would literally take almost everything I owned even for a short weekend trip! After some enlightened wisdom and three kids later, I’ve learned to pack more efficiently and take the essentials along with me. Plus we need to leave room for shopping, right?

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No More Fillers: Natural Fix for Bigger Lips

Fillers, collagen shots, chemically loaded lip plumping gloss…umm, no thanks! I know us women secretly fantasize about bigger, plumper, more luscious lips especially after watching the latest movie starring our beloved Angelina Jolie :) Why is that exactly?? I totally believe in loving yourself 100% just that way God made you, but I know it’s also fun to make some minor ‘enhancements’ here and there…we got to keep things interesting haven’t we?  And what’s the harm if it’s totally natural?

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